Heart of Carolina A Cappella began in 2004 as a loose-knit gathering of skilled harmony enthusiasts seeking a new challenge. This core group wanted to build a solid program around commitment, participation and musical excellence. We let our friends and acquaintances know our plans and the response was very positive - we knew we had the basis for forming a chorus. So, we opened the door!

We chartered with the Barbershop Harmony Society in 2006, attended various competitions and won a couple of championships along the way, most recently the NSC District Championship in October, 2011!

We have fun, our membership continues to grow and we're working hard. We all love singing and want HCA to succeed! Now it's 'pedal to the metal!' Heart of Carolina A Cappella has a committed, strong core group of singers, a fresh approach, a wonderful repertoire and the desire to perform to a new standard of excellence. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should consider auditioning!

We want you!! Come visit us on any rehearsal night - sight-reading is not required as long as you can harmonize and sing in tune!