Come sing with us

HCA welcomes everyone of good character, any race, creed or background with a desire to sing solid harmony. Any background with an emphasis on singing is great but not required. Although helpful, the ability to sight-read music is not a requirement for joining - we use pre-recorded learning tracks of our entire repertoire.

Visitors Always Welcome

Ready to give us a shot? Walk-in visitors are always welcome at HCA rehearsals, but please do not plan to audition on your first visit unless arranged with the director beforehand. If you have questions or would like more information about our group, please contact us via Facebook or using the information found at the bottom of our website.

Rehearsal Location

Our rehearsals are held in the auditorium at Croasdaile Village Retirement Community. 2600 Croasdaile Farm Parkway Durham, NC 27705

Tell the guard at the entrance gate that you're visiting the barbershop chorus rehearsal and you'll be admitted.  (If you don't say that you're a visitor, they'll want to see a badge or parking pass!)  Jot down our contact phone (at the bottom of our web page in case you need help finding us once you're onsite.

Turn off of Croasdaile Farm Parkway at the guard gate, then follow the road all the way around to the rear of the property.  Park in the lot next to the white maintenance building, just past the gate exiting to Hillandale Rd (or on one of the last 10 spaces just before the gate).  See the map below for the walking route from the rear entrance though the complex to the auditorium.

Accessible parking is available near the main front entrance.



It's a simple process for anyone who wishes to try out for HCA.

​To audition, you’ll be asked to sing several vocal exercises and patterns that will help us determine your range, tone quality, and pitch accuracy & memory.

Then we ask that you learn a barbershop tag, a dramatic variation put in the last section of the song, on your specific voice part which you will sing in either a quartet or VLQ. Our director and music team will be listening for correct words and notes as well as good vocal tone that will determine part independence and how your sound will blend with the chorus. You will be allowed to use sheet music during the audition.

The final decision is made by the director in conjunction with the Music Team.